Wednesday, 11 April 2012

A tug at the heartstrings

'Look!...look! mummy' she squealed with excitement and lead me from the bedroom where I was sorting the laundry to watch her dance to the music from Lion King. Seeing her blond curls bounce as she hopped from foot to foot, I caught a lump in my throat and had to fight back the tears. Next week she will start at nursery. How do mothers do this? How to we let go of our youngest into the arms of the big wide world for them to start the journey to independence?

There is no doubt that she is ready for it. We've had 2 years at home together and besides doing all that I need to, I can no longer give her all what she needs; the world beyond is beckoning her to step outside and join in with them. The real question is whether the world is ready for her?! She is such a determined little lady - I have every confidence that she will rise to this next chapter and take from it all that she needs, find her own path and, hopefully, make friends along the way.

Truth be told, there have been days when nursery couldn't come soon enough, when I've longed for a moment to myself again. Now that these moments are on the horizon, I know that I will miss sharing my days with my little girl. Yes, supermarket shopping will be done in half the time but on my own my shopping expeditions will not attract the smiles and small talk of older ladies when my little companion goes on the charm offensive. Hey, its been some of the best Danish conversation practise I've had!!

Well, young lady, enjoy your new routine and the life away from me that lies before you. I look forward to watching you step out on your own, hearing your happy stories and soothing your sores.

Held og lykke, my darling xxxx

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Copenhagen hipstamatic

A photo journal of the first day of what promises to be a beautiful relationship...

Ran out of juice before I could get to the mermaid - next time!!