Friday, 1 June 2012

Meet Molly: say hello, wave goodbye...

This is Molly - a doll that I made this week for my friend's new baby daughter back in England. I'm proud to say that although she is (in my opinion) quite a stylish and chic girl about town, she is (truth be told) a rag doll. Having paid well over the odds for a copy of the English crafting magazine, Mollie Makes, I was determined that I had to use a pattern in it to save some money!!

And so, Molly the doll was borne of scrap material and left over batting from my daughter's quilt, felt from Christmas decoration projects that didn't get off the ground last year and cotton canvas from the trimmings of a banner made for a school fair!!

But from these humble beginnings, I have an inkling that great adventures lie ahead for Molly and she has that twinkle in her eye that (like my daughter's) belies a mischievous spirit.

In our short time together, I've gotten to know and quite like this little lady (smiling up at me as I've been sewing). Her arrival hasn't gone unnoticed and the other little lady of the house expressed great excitement at discovering Molly's red shoes!

Its a harsh reality of this expat life though that the people you get to know come and go. All too often friends that make up the fabric of every day move on to new pastures. And so, we're saying goodbye to Molly and sending her off to England for an expat adventure of her own. Vi ses!