Friday, 1 April 2011

Celebrating my daughter on her first birthday

Today we celebrate your first birthday and the first wonderful year of your life. Your birth was everything I dreamed it would be - a miracle and so precious. The birth itself was a joy and from that first day you have been too. You sleep so well and because of you I have rested well in these early days. I've been able to do so much because you have let me; even a triathlon when you were only a couple of months old. Thank you for being such a good baby.

And here you are, a year old. How did that happen? I know its a cliché but the last 12 months have flown by - it truly has felt like the blink of an eye. At times I have been so busy with house moves and the relocation abroad that I barely noticed you - happy and content in the background; you were getting on with getting bigger and thriving. Like me, you're a happy eater - you love your food - and are happy in your own company. You engross yourself in your toys keeping a watchful eye on what is happening around you. Happy to watch but social too.

Right now its all about those little feet and being mobile. I'm fascinated to watch you crawling and cruising. Its the first step towards independence and I love to see the choices you make; you love to hang out in your brother's bedroom when he is at school as if you miss him and I like to think that you sometimes miss me too when you come crawling into the kitchen when I'm cooking.

You are an excellent communicator - efficient with the noises you make and using your hands to say goodbye, to ask 'where is it?' and to clap and your arms to hug. I take it as a sign that you are generally contented so that when you do holler, I know it means something and you want me to sit up and listen. I respect that!

Out of all of us you have most easily embraced the massive changes of the last 6 months. At only a year old you are now sleeping in your third bedroom. This ability to adapt will serve you well in life.

I know that you adore your brother and your little face lights up when he comes into your bedroom first thing in the morning. The way you watch him and listen to his (long) stories - laughing when he does and always concerned when you hear him cry. Already you care for him so deeply.

Although you can barely walk - you practically run to your daddy when he comes home from work in the evening. Your excitement is so raw, physical and contagious. I love it.

I was doing some housework when I caught you 'trying on' one of my tops - it made me laugh so hard I nearly cried. You're so clever to know that the cloth you were holding was an item of clothing and to try to put it on. Sometimes, when I watch you I get the feeling that you just 'get it'.

Embrace life, enjoy it and rise to its challenges. This is my wish for you, my darling, on your first birthday. It is a privilege to be your mother.


  1. Happy first birthday to your little girl, love the picture of her trying to put your top on. Bet you won't laugh at such antics somewhere down the line! Emma

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  3. Thanks girls. Emma, I'm sure there'll be days when I won't laugh - I'll enjoy it whilst it isn't too maddening!!

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