Thursday, 21 April 2011

Taking my camera for a walk in Klampenborg

Expat women in Copenhagen have at their disposal a fantastic social network: LINK. Standing for Ladies International Network Københaven, LINK is an organisation of volunteers that brings together women of all nationalities. There are lots of regular events; mum and toddler groups, music groups, cookery evenings, book club, tours of Copenhagen's landmarks, children's parties etc etc. and no matter what your interest, there is something for everyone. In my short time here I have met so many other women who have, like me, followed their husbands to Denmark. 

One of the lovely friends I have met through the LINK mother and toddler group is Heather Davidson-Meyn, a professional photographer from Canada who specialises in art portraiture. Heather leads the LINK monthly photowalk where keen amateurs meet up and spend a couple of hours exploring a corner of Copenhagen, taking photos and chatting along the way. This photowalk is just what I've needed for a long time - an opportunity to get to know my camera!

On the morning that we arrived at Klampenborg station on the coastline known as the Danish Riviera, there was a blanket of white cloud. The sea landscape looked washed out and monochrome. As it was a Monday morning, the beach was empty and had an eerie quietness about it.

I tried to capture the washed out landscape in my photos - although the pictures are in colour, I tried to use the silhouettes to black and white effect. The jetty leading into the water seemed particularly haunting. In the pictures, I love how the steps from the jetty lead nowhere as the sea is over exposed from pointing the camera into the light. So often, I only take pictures when the sun is shining but now I've learned to experiment even when the weather seems dull.

Heather encouraged us to use the photowalk to try something different and as I love to take close up pictures this time I concentrated on taking landscape shots. After some time on the beach we wandered further inland to the deer park. I didn't have a powerful enough zoom to take photos of the deer but as we wandered through the woodland I was struck by the beauty of the trees.

I experimented with different angles and soon saw the patterns made by the trees trunks, branches and roots. It was a truly enjoyable morning and a treat to take a couple of hours to go exploring and snap away.


  1. Lovely pics! Looking forward to seeing you at the next one! Emma :)

  2. How wonderful to have that opportunity! Love the photos :)