Friday, 5 August 2011

Cucumber slices and carrot sticks

Here we are again
home from our summer of fun
two weeks, three cities
four flights, one tram ride
lots of smiles in the sun

Kids, you were great
and took all we threw at you
in your stride
Missed naps, long flights
and jet lag
Barely complaining
rather you enjoyed the ride

London, it was good to see you
however brief was our stay
you're still crazy and busy
I guess you'll always be that way

How lovely it was
to see old faces
and hear familiar voices
These are things I miss
the most, they made me homesick
questioning our choices

But the clock didn't stop
only time for quick hellos
and catching up with news
Telling stories, having hugs
How the precious
short days flew

All too soon
it was goodbye again
and we were back in the air
The stopover making way
for the adventure
that awaited way over there

A long flight to Ottawa
but the kids were fine
I even managed
to watch TV and read
the paper
to unwind

Landing in
sweltering heat and
a body clock that
was all askew
We rested and
wallowed in warm hospitality
good food, good wine
and 'what's new?'

A walking tour
to see the sights
and the landmarks
of Ottawa's history
In the midday sun
what mad dogs and Englishmen
we had become

Lakes and beaches
were our refuge
keeping the stifling heat at bay
We picnicked
on gourmet bread
hams and cheeses,
while the little ones
played and played

Cousins got to
know each other
Giggling and laughing
and up to their tricks
Snacking and munching
on cucumber slices
and crunchy carrot sticks

The water is its own
and each took their turn
to enjoy
Splashing and kicking
bobbing and swimming
as we let our
tired minds uncoil

Two boys together
turned four
Just a couple of days apart
Living so far away
shared days are scarce
A highlight to warm the heart

Playing Jedi warriors
and sword fights a plenty
Their imaginations
on fire
light sabres held high
and Spiderman pyjamas
while the big sister of six stood by

But the attention was hers
a tooth started to wobble
Wiggled and jiggled
til it hung loose
'Co-ol' said the boys
and all were in awe
when it popped out, 'You brave, Sally Goose'!

These days too
came to an end
and the journey
beckoned us on
A final stopover
cool and hip:
Porter airlines to the Island
and the Chocolate Factory loft
on Queen Street W to end our trip

More quick hellos
and fleeting visits
to old haunts and favourite places
And for a four year old
a tram ride for a treat
Toronto, I hardly recognise your new faces

A long plane ride home
and back to where we started
Summer, you are fading again
we will soon be waving good bye
A new school year is upon us
more change, a new chapter,
A long sigh......


  1. Now that's a great poem! With some fabulous photos as always :) I hope you settle back into life quickly, with lots of great things on the horizon to look forward to xx

  2. Snap on the homesickness! Was in London and Cardiff and missed it sooo much. It gets better when you get back to DK though, after a week or so.

  3. Sounds like you had a fantastic time... Love the poem! Welcome back! Emma :)

  4. Thanks everyone. Jet lag took a while but we're finally back in our groove...