Saturday, 27 August 2011

Red shoes on a rainy day...

I saw this couple from my balcony as I watched people in the street running for cover in the rain. Her red flowers and red shoes caught my eye - maybe they had just come from a wedding in the nearby church. Wish I'd had a pair of red shoes to wear today. I got caught in two downpours. Second time around, I did remember my red rain poncho and added my own splash of colour to an otherwise dreary and grey day.


  1. How strange was the storm this morning? Woke up to green skies and constant lightening!! Sick of the rain though, I would lend you my red shoes if it was nice weather! Emma xx PS. I love the picture! :)

  2. Thanks, Emma. This weekend has been the freakiest weather. Yes, the sky was a kind of yellow/green colour. Are you taking the red shoes to San Jose? ; ) Kx