Sunday, 16 October 2011

Wheelie fun!!

When I was out for a walk with my neighbour last week she took me to the new skateboarding park in Fælledparken. Today when we were looking for a late afternoon destination for a quick excursion before dinner, I took my family (including my four year old and his scooter) to try it out! Despite the chilly autumn weather and the fact that this weekend is the start of efterårsferie (autumn half term) when many have left the city for a short break, the new skateboarding park was packed with skateboarders of all ages, rollerbladers, scooters, bikers. It was the place to be for wheeling fun...
It was a bit like walking upon a concrete canyon with sleek sloping pits and mounds. I could have stayed much longer to watch the pros in action with the luring hum of skateboard wheels in the still crisp autumn air and their daring jumps and tricks.
We struggled to hold my son back from trying out some of the steeper slopes and instead distracted him with the idea of building up speed on his scooter and attempting the smaller mounds in an area designed for the younger participants. Of course, I am now off to buy him some knee pads and gloves so that I don't have to hold my breath every time he darts towards the equivalent of a concrete mogul!
The adrenalin rush and thrill of the skateboard park is palpable. Older more experienced boarders are perfecting their moves, taking the occasional falls and scuffs in their stride but at the same time proud. The youngsters watch in awe but this isn't just a place for spectators and even the four year olds on their three wheel scooters are tolerated and given space to practise.
I don't doubt that we'll be back. However, I'm not so sure how long I'll be able to fight the urge to join in....

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