Saturday, 24 December 2011

The day before Christmas

It was the day before Christmas
And all around the house
We were getting a bit restless
And needed to get out

So we ventured to Redcar
to the beach we were bound
It was windy and blustery
there was no one around

But windy and blustery
it was the perfect day
to clear out the head
and blow the cobwebs away

Fresh air aplenty
and space to run around
with energy to burn
we enjoyed the sounds

Of waves and of wind
of sea and of laughter
of spinning and throwing
and chasing after

And so we returned home
with our appetites renewed
for the days of festivity
the indulgence and food

And tonight we are ready
for Santa to call
the apple pie and the carrot
and stockings and all

And so the advent will soon
be over for another year
Its been fun to blog through it
and share it here

Merry Christmas to all
and the season's warmest greeting
thanks for stopping by and
thanks for reading

These wonderful photos were taken by my very talented sister-in-law and photographer Kate, just one of the perks of having a Christmas family gathering ; )

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  1. Great photographs! Hope you had a lovely Christmas Kitty! Happy New Year! Emma :)