Wednesday, 15 August 2012

When life gets in the way

Earlier this summer I was on Nordre Frihavnsgade, a bustling but lovely street of shops not far from where I live in Østerbro. I was in the bike shop on one of those missions that I love most about being a mum - buying a birthday present for my son. (Yes, he turned 5 this summer - the birthday he had been looking forward to for about 6 months and seemed to take forever to finally arrive).

As I left the bike shop, a stranger approached and asked, 'Don't you write the Sublime Days blog?'. I had a somewhat delayed reaction and my brain took a second or two to process the fact that Sublime Days and blogging were things that could fairly be attributed to me. Far from feeling like a celebrity(!), I felt ashamed. If I have readers, then I've let them down.

Maybe other bloggers don't feel like this but I sit here and type my thoughts, share my days, my minor triumphs over the endless battle with mundane domesticity not knowing whether anybody out there ever reads them. Well, one guy does and if he is reading this then he will know that I have him to thank for the wonderful feeling of 'hey, someone reads my blog!!' that carried me home on a cloud of happiness and made me vow to get back to the keyboard.

Its been a loooong time since I have written but the fact is that life got in the way. For the past couple of months my blog has had to shuffle down my list of priorities. I could list the reasons - Danish language exams, school holidays, sheer exhaustion from running around and having fun - but don't want to give excuses. Its what happens.

Back in June as the days started to tick by and time filled the space between me and my last blogpost, I decided that I wasn't going to fret. Instead I set myself a photo challenge - I would take a photo a day to capture something sublime until I had time to write again. That was 76 days ago! My iPhone and my DSLR are chock full of pictures, I am bursting with ideas for new blogposts and I've even been inspired to re-design the blog layout (hope you like it, by the way).

And so, as a new term begins (always a favourite time of year for me, the return to school for a new year, rested and ready to face new challenges) - I am ready again to let my blog bob back up to the surface. In truth, I've missed it.

And to the lovely gentleman on Nordre Frihavnsgade, thank you for helping renew my inspiration and held og lykke with your own blogging journey but don't fret if life gets in the way!