Friday, 7 September 2012

My morning coffee: Det Rene Brød

Is it possible to be unwittingly in the presence of a celebrity? If you don't know that the person sitting next to you is famous, are they stripped of their celebrity status? In other words, are famous people only famous to the people who know them or do they become 'inherently' famous? These are the questions that started doing laps of my brain as I sat down for my coffee in the beautiful organic bakery on Rosenvængets Allé, Det Rene Brød (The clean bread). I hadn't intended to have a philosophical discussion with myself but I was making notes on a book I had read on Søren Kirkegaard in preparation for my Danish test and I guess my grey matter was on overdrive. As I buried my head in my work, I looked up from time to time to sip my cappuccino and in doing so became aware of the beautiful people gathering around a particularly beautiful man sitting at the window to my left.

I had no idea who this man was but I got the sense that he was someone I should know (or at least, know of).  Famous people have that air about them - sometimes they carry themselves with an aura of 'you must know who I am' but other times it isn't their behaviour but what they inspire in others: the nervous giggles and blushes; the body language of mortals in the presence of greatness.

Well, as I had no clue as to the fame (or infamy) of my fellow coffee drinker, I continued to simply observe as the anthropological drama played itself out. Its essence was lost on me. I wouldn't suggest that anyone visit Det Rene Brød in the hope of a celebrity spotting - go for the coffee and for the pastries - you won't be disappointed. And if are lucky enough to find the place quiet, then the experience will be complete.

Det Rene Brød prides itself first and foremost on its organic bread and pastries, which, it promises, are better for you and for the environment. The coffee is not the main attraction but it plays a perfect accompaniment and is reasonably priced.

Cost: a double shot cappuccino costs 27 DKK
Coffee hygge factor: 4 out of 5

For lists of the breads on offer and the other bakeries across Copenhagen, visit www.detrenebrø


  1. I used to work for a law firm which was frequented by a lot of very famous people. My boss used to despair with me, as I often had no clue as to who they were, but I think they actually liked that! :D That coffee is pretty reasonable for CPH isn't it?? :)

  2. I'm the same, Emma. Living in NW3 for 6 years was totally wasted on me ; ) Hope all is well in Bavaria xx