Tuesday, 2 October 2012

My morning coffee: Laundromat

Its one of those mornings when there is lots to do. Housework is piling up, toys need to be picked up and put away and the flat could do with a date with the hoover. But, its also raining and in a couple of hours a new chapter will begin. The chores can wait, there's a cappuccino with my name on it and its brewing at a laundromat right around the corner. Yes, Laundromat is a Copenhagen institution - you can eat (and/or drink) whilst your laundry is being done. Better still, at the Laundromat cafe on Århusgade in Østerbro, children can play whilst you eat and drink.

This particular coffee spot holds a very special place for me. This was where I first met up with some of the expat mums and babies that have become good friends. It was here that I first ran the gauntlet of ordering a drink in Danish (and suffered the repeated humiliation of a blank faced waitress who defeated me with her stubborn denials of comprehension - oh the shame!). But over the months it has been here that I have retreated after dropping off my daughter at the nearby vuggestue with my Danish books spread out across the table and have laboured on and on, eavesdropping on the Danish conversations around me, slogging away at homework and exam revision. There is no doubt that my time at the Laundromat has paid off.

Ordering in Danish is now rewarded rather than ridiculed (or perhaps I flatter myself, it may just be a gesture of pity!). After 18 months and having successfully conquered the sizeable hurdles of module 4, I am now taking a break. I'm trading in the twice weekly evening language lessons for a more leisurely day time course concentrating on pronunciation. Thanks Laudromat for playing host to my toil and for the refreshments along the way. And so, this morning's coffee is for old time's sake. Vi ses på module 5!

Cost: a double shot cappuccino costs 39 DKK
Coffee hygge factor: 4 out of 5

Find out more at www.thelaundromatcafe.com


  1. Been thinking of checking laundromat out for ages. Suspect we may visit this weekend now, despite abysmal Danish skills.

    1. Danish skills are an optional extra - not a necessity! Enjoy.

  2. Quite stupidly, I never did make it to Laundromat, although I must have walked past it around 500 times! Coffee looks good! :)