Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Christmas footprints...

This Christmas will be my daughter's first and I have been on the same creative pottery jaunt as I did with her older brother 3 years ago: a pilgrimage to the Pottery Cafe on Fulham Road to paint Emma Bridgewater pottery with my little girl's footprints. Of course, the success of the venture depended entirely upon my baby's cooperation and the delicate timing of feeds and naps (and not on my own artistic talents). I am pleased to report that my 7 month old treasure came up trumps and after having patiently indulged me while the soles of her feet were painted pink and pressed onto plates, cups and a milk jug, she slept soundly in the buggy as I embarked upon a pottery painting extravaganza. It was such fun.

These are the keepsakes that will be given to a great grandma living in Winnipeg, Canada, grandparents in (less exotic sounding) Middlesbrough in North East England and her 'Nonny' (my mother in law) in Ottawa, also Canada.

To me, capturing my baby daughter's footprints on pottery is a beautiful way for relatives far away to share a moment in her young life and, of course, I cannot deny that it is a real treat to take time out to sit in the pottery cafe and indulge my cravings for creativity, sip cappuccino and chat with mum friends.


  1. So darling! Thanks for the sweet wishes in your comment on my blog post. I appreciate it.

  2. And thanks for your comment. You're my first visitor!!