Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Family Christmas cards 2010

This week I have made my Christmas cards! It is only November and you cannot imagine how happy I am that this task is already behind me. Whilst I love making and sending my own cards, it can sometimes become a chore as the days get busy and creative time becomes scarce. I have made my own Christmas cards for as long as I can remember - never lacking the inspiration I have to confess that on occasion my artistic talent has lagged behind! However, this year, they are done and I am ahead of the game.

How have I achieved this timely advantage? Well, this year I have chosen a very simple yet (I think) poignant design - a red silhouette of a reindeer in a forest surrounded by festive symbols on crisp white square cards. My choice of colours is not accidental; I chose red and white as they are seasonal but they also represent our impending move to Denmark where the national flag is a white cross on a red background. (I should add that red also happens to be my favourite colour and one day I will blog about the predominance of red in my life!!).

The design of the silhouette is also reminiscent of the paper cut outs that are so popular in Denmark and the rest of Scandinavia. The cut outs are hung from mobiles and in windows all year around but at Christmas time ('Jul') the designs are more festive and are made in seasonal colours. The characters and symbols are not only beautiful to look at but they come from folklore and within the details lie cherished folk tales.

Together with a simple design, the other secret to my speedy success in getting these cards ready is that I've used a stamp. This one is hand carved and from Noolibird. This was my first experience with 'stamping' and it was simple, clean and very quick. To all the crafty die-hards out there, yes, it did feel a bit like cheating to use a stamp rather than making one myself. But with two small children and limited time, this year it is all about doing what works. I'm thrilled with the results and I can't wait to start sending my christmas greetings...

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