Friday, 21 January 2011

This wasn't supposed to be about food!!

When I started this blog, only a couple of months ago, I did not expect that food would make such a regular appearance. Looking back over the festive end to last year and the wintry start to 2011, it does seem as though my days have been spent predominantly in the kitchen...

What about the wool I want to knit?

The books I want to read?

The pictures I want to take?

* Yes, I treated myself to a new Panasonic Lumix LX5 (bought brand new off Ebay :))

The cards I want to make?

I guess this is what happens when one looks for the sublime in the every day, one finds it in the routine. With two small children ruling the roost, it is kind of inevitable that my days are governed by feeding times and healthy(ish) eating. Of course, I shouldn't forget that in the background to the daily cycles of mundanity is the massive upheaval of an international move that is lurking in the shadows and will soon be properly upon us. Yes, my husband started work in Denmark nearly 3 weeks ago and in just 7 days time the movers will be here packing up our stuff and shipping us out to Copenhagen.

Its truly a miracle that there is time to cook nice things to eat at all. This time next week, I will be buried in cardboard boxes and packing tape. Waving goodbye to earthly possessions, the city that has been home for 18 years (ahem!) and the routines and rituals that I have woven together to keep me safe and brave in this world. Maybe, once we're settling into our new life and all the adventure and challenges that Copenhagen has in store for us, these familiar recipes will be a taste of home.

I can't wait to get settled again and to be able to embark upon the creative projects that keep me inspired and excited. Be patient and watch this space. I promise that I won't go on posting about food forever!!

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  1. Food, knitting, books, this is definitely my kind of blog :)