Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Sparkle and pop

Its blowing a storm out there today and the weather forecast says the winds are up to 50 mph (makes for fun bike riding!!). There's not a snowflake in sight and so some of the winter wonderland feel of Christmas is yet to arrive here in Denmark but our tree has a light covering of popcorn that gives it the desired look.

I've never been a fan of tinsel but a Christmas tree without garlands can sometimes look bare. When my husband and I set up home together and started what is likely to be a life long accumulation of decorations, before there were any small people around to bring home festive 'creations' from nursery, I relished the opportunity to pick and choose my favourite hanging ornaments and lights. We have a dark blue and silver theme which is now accented with red - I love it and the rich spruce we have this year sets them off beautifully.

All those years ago, when our first tree was like a blank canvas, I made garlands of popcorn and they survive to this day. They're the most simple things to make and they subtly add an extra layer of texture. Make a big batch of popcorn, wait till it cools down then thread the popped kernels onto sewing cotton - I didn't spray them with anything and they have stayed as good as new.

And as I write this, I wonder if making popcorn garlands might be a good indoor activity for this rainy afternoon when the small people are back from school. Mmmm, I can feel a popcorn wreath making session coming on.... I'll keep you posted!

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