Monday, 12 December 2011

Triple chocolate brownies and a school band

I've blogged before about the English bookshop in Hellerup, Books & Company, which caught my eye when we first arrived in Copenhagen in February. Well, as anticipated, this has become the meeting place of choice amongst the lovely group of expat mummy friends that I have got to know. And so, during the week and most particularly after drop off and before pick up there will be someone from school in the bookstore... However, we rarely go there on the weekend - I guess it isn't part of the routine. Yesterday was different though as my son's classroom assistant from school was reading an extract from her second book...

Miss Deborah (as she is known to us!) is a Canadian who has been in Denmark for about 7 years and besides working as a classroom assistant for the reception class and having her own family, she writes children's books. I know, where does she find the time?! Her first book, The Triple Chocolate Brownie Genius, was published in Canada in 2007 and is the story of how a lazy and unmotivated but popular pupil becomes a 'know-it-all and brainiac' after eating a pan of his mother's triple chocolate brownies.


Deborah's second book, The Bedmas Conspiracy, chronicles the adventures of a school band called Sick on Snow Day and its lead Adam. The stories are aimed at the 8-13 age group and so a little beyond my four year old son but it was nevertheless a real treat to join the families that gathered yesterday morning for the special opening of the bookstore and the cosy reading.

And so we were catapulted into the world of Sick on Snow Day as they prepared to perform a song called Detention Blues at a talent show and the lead singer suffered an attack of stage fright.... It was a great story of how they triumphed over the adversity that was a youngster's 'vocal chords being paralysed with fear'!!

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