Friday, 9 December 2011

There IS such a thing as a free lunch (or cake!)

It's one of Denmark's best kept secrets that if you spend 1000 DKK at Lagkagehuset (and keep the receipts to prove it) then you get a free cake! That's what a French friend living here in Copenhagen told me and I thought there must be a catch - a free cake, in Denmark?! I figured it's a pretty safe bet on their part - who would spend 1000 DKK in a coffee shop?

 But then the time came to pass when I was publicly shamed into sorting out my wallet. It all began with an embarrassing incident in a bookshop last week when I was meeting with mummy friends for a coffee and my daughter was playing with my wallet. She promptly emptied the contents all over the bookshop floor and, mortified, I gathered up the carpet of receipts and stuffed them back into my bag vowing to have a clear out as soon as I got home.

And when I did get around to clearing out my wallet and handbag, would you believe it, there was the paper trail of over 1000 DKK spent in a coffee shop?! I might as well have found a golden ticket to Willy Wonka's chocolate factory - the excitement I neatly folded the receipts and placed them back in my bag.
The lovely lady serving at Lagkagehuset was only too pleased to take possession of the receipts and place my order for a free cake. This morning I collected the lovely white cake box and as I write I am tucking into a slice of buttery heaven - yum, yum yum. Thanks, Lagkagehuset, for adding a silver lining to the cloud of shame for stuffing my wallet with receipts!

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