Sunday, 11 December 2011

Things I love about winter: my reindeer slippers

If this were a blog about fashion, then my winter slippers wouldn't get a look in! They don't flatter my feet (they swamp them) and they make a kind of shuffling noise on the floorboards as I walk around the flat. There's nothing couture about the simple design or the earthy tone of their green colour but my slippers and I go back a long time and when the cold weather comes a calling, I turn to them to keep me warm.
My father bought the slippers for me on a trip to Helsinki in 1998 and shipped them out to Canada where I was experiencing my first winter of sub-zero temperatures. Since then, they have followed me from home to home and I have now brought them back to Scandinavia and they continue to serve me well.
Perhaps the best travelled slippers in the world - my toes are snug and toasty!

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