Thursday, 1 December 2011

When I were a lass....

I hope I'm not sounding too old when I say this but advent calendars certainly aren't what they used to be - or maybe I had a deprived childhood. Where was I during the commercial metamorphosis of what was a very simple concept of a perforated paper window on a calendar with a nativity scene to open each morning into windows the size of small boxes hiding exciting and brightly packaged daily offerings of chocolate/sweets/toys... More than some children might receive on THE big day itself.
I'm not taking any moral high ground here and count myself amongst those whose joy at seeing their children's excitement means that I find it hard to reign in the purse strings and keep things modest. Three years ago in the lead up to my son's first Christmas as a little person (at 18 months it was the first time he noticed the tree, toddled up to the presents and had some kind of comprehension that something out of the ordinary was going on), I bought a wooden advent calendar in the form of a train.
Driven by a snowman(!), the carriages on the train have numbered doors and behind each one is a surprise delivered by the Christmas fairy. From those early days when the doors hid fruit(!), this year I found myself shopping for miniature toys and bitesize sweets and chocolates. Thanks to Netto and Søstrene Grenes for stuffing the aisles with ideal mini-treats and thanks too to Lego for the mini-figure series - what fun I've had. If only the children knew what lay ahead, they'd be as giddy with excitement as I am!!! Happy first day of advent everyone...

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